About Us

JYVISIONS is a brand of Jie Yu Industrial Company, was found in 2012 as an integrated LED display solution provider. We are dedicated to offering quality, custom, affordable and durable products to customers worldwide. Located in Shenzhen, China where is the frontier of global LED display technology and manufacturing, we are committed to introducing the latest technology and cutting-edge products to our customers and partners.  

JYVisons people are driven by excellence and responsibility. Our management team for R&D, production, sales, service and service support all involved in LED display for more than a decade. Workers are well trained before go to duty. 

JYVisions production equipment is driven by high precision and high reliability. The manufacturing facility is upgrading continuously. We are trying the best to reduce human working during production to minimize human errors.  

With a monthly production capability of 400 million LEDs, JV Visions is producing LED displays for audio visual partners, media advertising partners, event organizers and planners, etc. 

To provide reliable and green products powered by LED technology is JY Visions mission. We are always on the way to keep pursuing a better technology, a better partnership and a better solution.