Monitoring Control Room


Fine Pixel Pitch LED display video wall technology develops fast in past years. With cost decreasing and superior brightness and seamless assembly, fine pixel pitch led video walls take more and more placements of traditional LCD screens and projection displays.  

Rich color and sharp images, flat and seamless surface and high brightness makes fine pitch led display vide wall a star in many applications, such as monitoring centers, broadcasting studios, control and commander rooms, traffic monitoring centers, army offices, etc. Fine pixel pitch LED displays are used as monitoring control center display wall solutions to help monitor networks, identify problems.




l  Integrated System


Both LED display video wall and peripheral equipment can be controlled through an integrated control system. Real time control to all equipment and system by operation on the integrated control system.


l  Multiple Signal Input

The integrated control system provides windows for both signal images, applications, terminal operations, etc. All separated windows can be switching, property setting, free zooming, overlaying, fade-in, fade-out and free moving, etc.


l  Intelligent Control

Central platform terminals support network division control and multi-user operation. Operation and control can be carried out by mouses or keyboards. Meanwhile, via software set-up, it can make remote control and interactive control.

System Diagram

security monitoring control center led display wall.jpg

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