Digital LED Poster

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JYV LED poster is an all-in-one video display stand designed for commercial information display needs. Its slim, smart, durable and mobile design makes it is a dreaming dynamic replacement for traditional LCD poster stand or backlit signage.










Breathtaking Visual Experience

High Resolution: P1.9mm, P2.5mm pitches available

Wide Viewing Angles: 160°

Brightness: 1200nits, brightness adjustable

Refresh Rate to 3840Hz, no flicking images under camera shooting

Rich Color Reproduction to 16bit






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Multiple Installation Available

Care for various installation applications, led poster is easily for lifting, wall mounted, free stand alone, or pedestal mounting. All installation can be landscape or portrait.










Multiple Playing Modes

Stand Alone: With built in media player and storage disk, to play programs via WiFi, USB or ethernet. Also can use a 3rd party media player by connecting PC, laptop via HDMI cable. One poster is an independent player.

Multi Screens: Multi LED posters can be used together as a big video wall connected by HDMI cables or wirelessly. The LED posters group can be worked as extended mode or mirroring mode.

Mirror Screens: Copy one poster's content to display on other posters at the same time. Posters are connected via HDMI cables or a WiFi router.

Wireless Mulit Screens: To connect LED posters in a group with a wireless router. It can be played as mirror mode or extended mode.

Extended Screens: Make multi posters work in a group; split and play a content in various screens.



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JY Vison's LED posters are widely used by shopping mall, food court, brand shop, airport, metro/railway station, supper market, restaurant, chain store, etc.

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Pixel Pitch (mm)
Panel Dimension (mm) (HxWxD)
1944x576x35mm  (76.5”×22.7”×1.4”)1944x576x35mm (76.5”×22.7”×1.4”)
Panel Resolution (HxW)756X224 dots1080x320 dots
Panel Weight (kg)
35kg/ 77.2lb
35kg/ 77.2lb
Refresh Rate (Hz)
Brightness ( (nits/㎡))
Viewing Angle (°) (H/V)
Control Methods
USB/ HDMI/ Wi-Fi/ Internet
USB/ HDMI/ Wi-Fi/ Internet
Power Consumption (W)
200W (average)
200W (average)
ServiceabilityFront ServiceFront Service

* All specifications subject to changes without prior notice.