Sphere LED Display

SP series is sphere LED display screens, which also called LED ball display or globe LED display. Sphere LED displays are different from other series LED displays on structure and electricity designs. Instead of using standard modular designs, sphere LED displays are assembled with multiple customized sizes and shapes modules. Customization designs make a seamless sphere LED display and a 360° visual effect without image distortion. Thanks to sphere LED displays unmatched visual range and attractive appearance, sphere LED displays are widely used in shopping malls, enterprises, events, concerts, stages, etc.

Sphere led display by JYVISIONS.jpg

Seamless Assembly: trapeziod shaped, triangle shaped, round shaped PCB 

                                         design ensure a seamless assembly.

Non-Distortion Image: pixel uniformity snapshot technology

360° Visual Experience: well allignment sphere LED display for a smooth                                                            360° viewing effects.

Sphere LED Display by JYVISIONS.jpg

Easy Manitenance: front or rear access maintenance

Multi Installation: floor standing, ceiling suspension, stage rental

Tailored Service: pixel pitches and sphere diameters are customization

Friendly Operation: synchronous with live feed, PC, etc or                                                                      asynchrnously  with USB, etc.


Conference, stage, live show, studio, shopping mall centers, coporate and enterprises, hotels, squares, sports stadium, meseum, stations, opening ceremonies, parties, etc.