Grid Series LED Display

GRID LED Displays, also known as LED curtain displays, LED mesh displays, LED strip displays and LED media facade displays, are designed to meet requirements that traditional classic LED displays cannot do. The main unique advantages are: 

1. High transparency: 30%~75% (varies on pixel pitches), efficiently reduce wind resistance and enhance daylighting inside the buildings; 

2. Installaiton structure frame free: without heavy steel structure frame as traditional LED display screens, save installation cost and labor cost;

3. Light weight & ultra slim: about 16kg/sqm, 60% less weight than tradition LED displays; 80mm depth, 50% thinner than regular LED displays;

4. Front & rear installation and maintenance: LED strip modules / LED panels can be replaced individually from front or rear maintenance available

Now LED grid displays are a perfect and mature product solution for outdoor media facade, buildings, stadiums, bullet billboards, lighting decoration, etc.