Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display

Thalia series is a line of small pixel pitch LED video walls. With the latest technology, Thalia series LED displays are designed for applications that ask for short viewing distance. Panel cabinet sizes are using class 4:3 ratio, easy for installation and service, and outstanding flatness and uniformity. The series includes pitches at P1.25, P1.56, P1.66, P1.92, P2.00, P2.50.



1. Installation and maintenance friendly: with magnet and quick lock system, LED displays can be easily accessed for maintenance and installation.

2. Perfect performance: deep gray scale and high refresh rate to ensure high gray scale at low brightness and flicker free pictures.


Seamless Assembly and Strong Structure

Integrated die-casting aluminum panel cabinet make a strong structure frame . 

High precision CNC processing minimizes the tolerance difference within 0.01mm. Smooth surface help a seamless LED display screen assembly and installation.  

A full finished panel only 4.6kg with dimension of L400mm*W300mm*D66mm.


front maintenance led screen panel.jpg

Front Service

Magnetic module design, each module have multi magnets and a metal sheet plate. That can help operator to take off the modules easily from front.

Power and data integrated design. Use golden pin plugs make a reliable connection.



Front Maintenance Steps.jpg


Without ghosting troubles, black-line failures and flickering cross

Failures like ghosting, flickering cross and black lines are common problesm for LED displays. Thalia series come out a solution for no flicker cross, no ghosting and no black lines during operation can help a smooth and sharp content delivery.

 High refresh no ghost led display.jpg


Thalia series LED displays are mainly used in monitor centers, commander centers, government public city management systems, conference centers, shopping malls, TV studios, worship, stations, terminals, etc.



Pixel Pitch1.25mm1.56mm1.66mm1.92mm2.0mm2.5mm
Resolution640,000 dots/㎡409,600 dots/㎡360,000 dots/㎡270,400 dots/㎡250,000
Panel Size400x300mm400x300mm400x300mm400x300mm400x300mm400x300mm
Panel Resolution320x240 dots
256x192 dots240x180 dots208x156 dots200x150 dots160x120 dots
Brightness800 nits/㎡
800 nits/㎡800 nits/㎡800 nits/㎡800 nits/㎡800 nits/㎡
Refresh Rate>3840Hz>3840Hz>3840Hz>3840Hz>3840Hz>3840Hz

* All specifications subject to change without prior notice.