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college & university LED wall screen

If your college or university is not already using LED video walls, Then this year is the year to start using them! It is a great way to convey all kinds of information.

Why invest in installing an LED video wall? We share 4 reasons to consider your next move today.

1. Make an impact on your visitors

LED  Video Walls add great visual effect to any space, whether they are placed around campus, Or set up in a public area and provide directions and information you might want to know. When visitors can easily see the information on the sign, Video content is the most engaging and highest converting, LED video wall is a big deal for many organizations, including schools! Gone are the days of poster boards and tape flyers.

2. Invest in your athletics

LED scoreboards for sports fields and facilities are a great way to share information and engage audiences. Not only do they excel in scoreboards and instant replays, And LED Video Wall can also be used in locker rooms, lobbies and other open areas. For those watching sporting events in what may not be the best seats to watch the main event, Consider installing an LED video wall so everyone can easily see the main event!

3. Share information that the public needs to know

In times of coronavirus and public health crises, it’s critical to quickly share what you need to know. Use LED video wall to quickly and easily share information, including instructions, authorizations, emergency orders, and more. LED video wall can grab people’s attention and quickly deliver information to everyone in the area.

4. Celebrate school victories

From academic awards to athletic awards and more, the LED video wall is a great way to celebrate the exciting things happening at school. You can have fun with the content and designs you share, Keep everything cohesive for your students and school. This is another great way to draw attention to those in the community who are doing great things!