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jyvisions led display

LED Wall provides various benefits to many different types of businesses and organizations, From churches and academies, event venues to corporate offices, trade shows and more. If your organization is considering investing in LED Walls or other LED products, congratulations! We know that LED Wall technology will enhance your customer experience and add new interactive elements to your work.

But when looking for the right LED Wall supplier to work with, it’s important to understand quotes and pricing breakdowns. Is your purchase worth it, or are the offers you received too high? While every manufacturer or broker is different, there are a few items you can consider that will affect the price of an LED wall. If you haven’t thought about what products and features your business needs, Now is the perfect time to review these factors and come up with which items make it to your non-negotiable list.

1. Display size

Your quoted cost also goes up when you choose a larger LED Wall size. If you are looking for multiple panels to complete your presentation,  Each additional panel also increases the lookup cost. Like many products, the bigger you buy, the more expensive it is.

2. Resolution

Resolution really boils down to pixel pitch. This means smaller pixel pitches provide sharper images. Depending on how you plan to use your LED Wall, this may or may not make a big difference for you. For example, an LED Wall viewed from a distance does not require a small pixel pitch. In this case, you don’t want the image to be very sharp in close-up – you want it to be sharp further away. For businesses using LED Walls in office spaces or other close proximity environments, Small pixel spacing may be required for visual clarity.

3. Configuration

Just like display size, the higher the configuration the screen is, the more you can expect to pay. From multiple screens to custom sizes, these factors can affect the cost of your LED Wall. Remember, if you don’t have multiple screens in your current budget, You can always start with one screen and add more later.

4. Installation requirements

Depending on how you want to configure the panel, you may need a custom installation that is more expensive than a standard installation. Where do you want your wall to be used? For some businesses, LED Walls need to be hung directly on the wall. For others, LED Walls with brackets can meet their needs and avoid custom installation costs. Another consideration is how frequently you will be moving the LED Walls. If you plan to use your panels in multiple spaces or move them, no custom installation is required.

5. Indoor or outdoor use

The location of the video wall also affects the pricing of the product. In general, outdoor displays usually require a more complex installation, Specific features are also required to help them withstand the weather and other outdoor elements. As you can imagine, It also means that outdoor displays usually cost a bit more than indoor displays. If you are looking for a solution that does both, please contact us and our professional team will discuss it for you.