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outdoor led screens and indoor led screens

The so-called outdoor LED screen refers to the LED panel specially used outdoors. The size is generally between 10 square meters and hundreds of square meters. The brightness is relatively high. It can work under direct sunlight and must be windproof, rainproof and waterproof. The indoor LED screen is a display used indoor.

What are the differences between outdoor and indoor LED screens?

1. Working Environment

Indoor LED screens generally do not need to have waterproof and fireproof requirements due to the location of use, while outdoor LED screen faces harsh weather environment and that request the screen to be water proof, fire proof . The outdoor LED screen is a system that is produced after combining the results of research on the external environment and applying it to the preliminary design in the early stage and the maintenance and repair in the later stage. It is mostly used in large outdoor commercial squares, such as government squares, leisure squares, commercial centers, advertising information release boards, commercial streets, railway stations, etc.

2. Different Brightness

Strong outdoor sun light leads to higher brightness requirements for outdoor LED screen. Outdoor video walls are generally placed in the sun and exposed to direct sunlight. If the brightness is not handled properly, or reflections occur, the viewing effect will definitely be affected. Indoor LED screen brightness is 600-1000nit while for outdoor it needs to be up to 5000-10000 nits.

3. Different Viewing Distance

The higher the pixel pitch is, the clearer the LED screen will be, and the larger the information capacity that can be displayed, so the closer the minimum viewing distance is. The requirements for pixel pitch outdoors are not as high as indoors, because the audience is far away, so the pixel pitch is larger than indoors, the most commonly used pixel pitch for outdoor is P10mm, and the famous pixel pitch for indoor is P2.5mm-3mm.

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