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JYVISIONS energy saving LED video wall

Energy green has become a major theme of today’s era. As humanl life is getting better, the environmental pollution is also increasing. Therefore, human beings must protect our world. Nowadays, all walks of life are also advocating the manufacture of green and environmental friendly products. How can LED companies develop and design LED video wall that do not generate light pollution and save electricity? This has become an important target and goal for manufacturers.

LED video wall has been widely used in every street corner of the city, and has become a unique symbol to enhance the image of the city, but while it beautifies the image of the city, the strong light of the screen also has a certain negative effect on the night life of urban residents. Although the LED industry is a light-making industry, and the light production of the LED video wall is understandable, but from the view of environmental pollution side, it has become a new type of pollution – light pollution. Therefore, as an enterprise, we should pay attention to the problem of light pollution in production and control the output of brightness accordingly.

The first control method – adopt an adjustable system that can automatically adjust the brightness output of the screen accordingly.

Day and night, different location and time periods, a slight change in the brightness of the display will have a great effect. If the brightness of the LED video wall is 50% higher than the ambient brightness, human eyes will feel discomfortable, this will cause the so called light polution. though a light sensor system, the brightness of the LED video wall will be adjusted automatically according to the ambient brightness, so as to make sure it’s suitable for human eyes in different ambient brightness conditions.

The second control method: multi-level gray scale correction technology.

LED video wall  system has 14-16bit grey level, so that the screen will have better performance in lower brightness/grayscale, this is making people feel the color is soft when watching the screen, and avoiding people’s uncomfortable feeling to the light.

In terms of power consumption, although the LED lamps used by the LED video wall itself are energy-saving, some of them need to be applied to occasions with a large display area. If they are used for a long time, the overall power consumption is still relatively high because of the brightness required. Under the effect of these comprehensive factors, the power consumption of the display screen is quite huge, so the electricity bill will also increase geometrically. Therefore, LED video wall manufacturers and enterprises can save energy through the following 6 ways,

  • Use LED lamps with high brightness and with low light degradation.
  • High-efficiency switching power supply is adopted, which greatly improves the power conversion efficiency, cheap PSU usually has lower conversion efficiency and generates more heat.
  • Excellent screen heat dissipation design to reduce fan power consumption, less heat will also lower the malfunction rate of the system;
  • Design a scientific circuit layout to reduce the power consumption of internal circuits;
  • According to the changes of the external environment, the brightness of the outdoor display screen is automatically adjusted, so as to achieve the effect of energy saving and emission reduction;
  • Use lower DC voltage for example 4.2 or less to save electricity. 5V input was the old ways but that’s a waste of electricity since LED video wall system can still work with a lower voltage.